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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we're done and most of fairfax, loudoun, montgomery out tarred fauquier. southern fauquier to fredricksburg maybe a leftover shower. we have a few in the northern neck headed towards the eastern shore. the sun will be out later this morning. midday high around 44. we're going to drop into the 30s for the drive home. everything will freeze tonight with lows in the teens and 20s. guys, back to you. 6:00 a.m. straight up. you made it to hump day. good morning washington. >> good morning washington. right now at 6:00 a.m. >> i think d.c. government's snow removal plan is called spring. >> more than three days after the snow stopped falling, frustration grows as crews work through the night to clear snow covered roadways. >> plus, developing news this morning. one person is dead, five more arrested after a group pock pieing a federal refuge clashes
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with the f.b.i. and charity under fire. why wounded warriors say money meant for them is being wasted on lavish parties. wake up washington at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. good morning. i'm andrea roane and welcome to wake up washington. >> glad you're with us. i'm mike hydeck. it is 6:00 a.m. this morning some schools and businesses will reopen for the first time since the blizzard pummeled our region. overnight crews stepped up into high gear. many neighborhoods are still buried in snow right now. >> i think three days is really outrageous. it really is. it really should be cleared off. there are older people here and people who really rely upon being able to get out. >> big job. we're tracking conditions across the region. >> nikki burdine is in the district but we want to start with mikea turner. she's in prince george's county tracking the commute there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andre ya. i'm still keeping an eye -- andrea. i'm still keeping an eye on route 50 right where it meets new york avenue. this is a huge thoroughfare for
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people commuting from prince george's county into the district. with the federal government offices opening, you can see traffic is already picking up. i spent the morning talking to a number of drivers about the conditions here. they say so far so good. but it wasn't that way earlier this week. check out some of the video. this is shortly after blizzard 2016 left its mark. county officials say about 95% of the main roads now are passable. that means safe enough for you to move about with caution. i spoke with one person who compares to what we saw then and what we're seeing now. here's what he had to say. >> it was pretty bad. it was pretty bad. the lanes was going into one lane and you really couldn't turn here. so you just had to be careful, a lot of slick spots but if you're a good driver, you keep the -- [indiscernible] you should be okay. >> reporter: there you have it from someone who uses this route often. all right, guys, back to you in
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the studio. >> thank you. coming up 06:03. we're following developing news. the leaders of an armed group occupying the federal wildlife refuge in oregon are now under arrest. >> five of the oregon militants were arrested during a traffic stop tuesday. the f.b.i. says during that stop, a militia member was shot and killed. among the arrested militia leaders, ammon and ryan bundy. >> when government steps outside of its bounds that the people have given it, that it is the due of the people that put that government back in its place. >> their arrest mashed the end of a three-week occupation of a national wildlife refuge in the town of burns, oregon. the f.b.i. hasn't identified the member of the militia killed but one person tweeted it was the
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group's spokesman lavoy finicum. a 5-year-old girl was sledding down a driveway when she was struck and killed by an suv. the driver was not impaired or speeding. so far no charges have been filed. in fairfax county, a 10- year-old boy had to be flown to the hospital after a sledding accident at mercer lake dam. rescue workers had to climb down to the remote area first to locate the child. he suffered several injuries but he is out of the hospital. 6:04. still to come, caught on camera, a hit and run that will take your breath away and wait until we tell you how it turned out for the victim. >> plus, trump's out as a feud with fox news deepens. the republican presidential front runner says he won't debate just days before the iowa caucus. >> when i got to work in the 2:00 hour, it was in the upper 40s. now down to 40 in d.c. 38 lovettsville. 30 owens. good news we're all above freezing but tonight looks like we'll be in the teens and 20s so we'll have to watch out for
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ice. back with more on that and your seven-day forecast all coming up in just a few minutes. >> the morning commute off to a rough start. cars and tractor-trailers are slipping and sliding all over the place. we are working three major issues around town and you're looking live at major delays on the southbound side of i -270 here at montrose road. we're going to have much more on these problem spots plus a look at service adjustments on marc and vre. that's coming
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we're having a pretty decent morning. we do have a few leftover showers to our south and east. watch out for the wet roads and obviously the extra snow and slush left over from the big storm a few days ago. i do want to show you satellite and radar. that shows you the shower
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activity we've been having moving to the south and east. we're pretty much done in d.c. areas north and west. south and east of town, still a couple of hours or so before we get rid of all the shower active. another good thing we're above freezing. 36 in cumberland. we do have subfreezing 20s in the mountains. but it's 40 in town and the low 50s in norfolk. we'll have a midday high in the low to mid-40s. we'll drop to the upper 30s later thank. tonight will get very cold. grab the sunglasses. it will be a sunny day. everything will ice back up by tomorrow morning. got enough problems without the ice this morning. larry miller, i don't remember a rush hour like this in a long time. this is probably the first time in a long time i've seen something like this as well. again because of the issues on the beltway, again that jackknifed tractor-trailer on braddock road as well as other issues in silver spring, we've downgraded the beltway. again snow and ice on 95, 66,
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50 as well as the bw parkway. we do have some service adjustments again for metro. again all trains are now running but metro bus continues to operate on a moderate weather service plan today which means you'll have to plan accordingly. a lot more local buses are going to be running today than what they were yesterday. for our vre commuters, vre is running on a normal schedule as well. marc, penn line will be running on an s weekday schedule. for camden and brunswick, these are the only trains that will be running today. still keeping a close eye on that accident along the beltway. here's a live look right now from i-270 at montrose road. still major delays as you approach this section of i-270 southbound heading toward bethesda. again that jack fifed tractor- trailer -- jackknifed tractor- trailer still causing problems for commuters trying to make their way toward the capital beltway. we have another traffic and weather update coming up shortly. now back to the bank. >> thank you, larry. remember this logo
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controversy? despite a vote to keep the seal, one new york community is making a change. >> plus, with just days until the iowa caucuses, could history be made -- history about to repeat itself for hillary? we'll have that story. it's 6:10. thank you
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it is back to school for d.c. kids. some parents are saying it's too soon. >> everybody is asking why aren't we like new york? well, we are. crossing guards may be key to keeping your child safe in d.c. nikki burdine has more. >> reporter: crossing guards and some nice boots will be key for keeping your kids safe and warm walking to school this morning. we're here in front of plummer elementary school. i want to show you one of the big problems students will have and that's walking because this is a sidewalk and that's a bus stop. kids will not have anywhere to walk unless they walk in the snow or on the street. the street is not a good idea. it's not safe. it's not smart, especially along texas avenue and other really popular spots. busy spots here in southeast and all over d.c., especially as a lot of people are headed back to work today. we spoke with a lot of people yesterday who say this is just not a good idea to send kids back to school today. >> the children actually trying to get -- make way on the sidewalks because the sidewalks
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definitely aren't done. i mean, we're responsible as taxpayers to shovel our own walkways, but when you get past the residential homes and things, the sidewalks aren't shoveled. >> reporter: d.c. public schools made an announcement that if parents are worried about sending their kids to school, they can make a decision to keep them home or bring them in late. if they do that, the student will not be penalized for a tardy or an absence. now, i posted on twitter why even have kids go back to school if that's the case. i got some interesting responses. i'll share those with you coming up in our next half- hour. live in southeast, i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. back at the live desk, we're following breaking news from overnight coming out of seattle. police there say two people are dead. they were shot and killed at a homeless encampment there. this is video just in from the scene or at least the outskirts from that scene. rescue crews said it was in the
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middle of a deep wooded trail when three others were shot and wounded. police believe they were all targeted by two men who went into the tent encampment and owned fire. four of the victims were women and one man. seattle police said they were still searching for an active shooter so we'll stay on top of this and pass along any updates as soon as we have them. that's the latest from the live desk. the new york detaily news is taking aim at two recent trump endomplets. this morning the -- endorsements. this morning the front page reads insane -- [indiscernible] -- john rocker and liberty university president jerry falwell jr. give trump their approval. some say trump will make awe-turn. >> just days before the iowa caucuses trump says he will not be at the next g.o.p. debate. the boycott came just hours after trump posted a video on social media where he threatened to drop out of the fox news debate over host may
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gwen kelly -- megyn kelly. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, slobs, and disgusting animals. >> megyn kelly is really bias against me. >> fox news is standing by their host. trump made the threats before. we'll see if he follows through this time. you know there's always hours before he can make a change. >> he's backed out almost every debate. >> supposedly he has said he will hold a rally, where he will donate all funds to wounded warriors. if he does, that will be good. history could be about to repeat itself when it comes to hillary clinton in iowa. hillary supporters are wondering how her once decisive lead in iowa is now at risk just like eight years ago when clinton was beaten by barack obama bernie sanders is now surnging against the former secretary of state. -- surging against the former secretary of state. in health news this morning, officials say a virginia resident who traveled outside the united states has
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tested positive for zika. that's a mosquito-transmitted virus. that is the dominican republic and u.s. virgin islands are added to a long list of countries. travelers should take extra precautions to avoid the virus. it's spread by mosquitoes and has been linked to birth defects. the mosquito that carries the virus has not yet been seen in the u.s. only about one in five people who get it will become sick and the symptoms are mild. >> fever, a rash, muscle and joint pain, eye pain and eye swelling. in some cases headaches and muscle fatigue. >> for pregnant women zika has been linked with babies born with abnormally small heads and underdeveloped brains. we have someone in virginia who has the virus but has not transmitted it to anyone. could an ohio town be the next flint, michigan? a criminal investigation is under way into a water treatment plant operator. elevated levels of lead and
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copper have been found in water in a small ohiotown. the affluenza teen no longer fighting extradition. ethan couch will return to texas to face charges against him in the coming days. his mexican lawyer says that couch and his mop fled to mexico avid crow showed them -- his mom fled to mexico avid crow showed them -- after a video showed them breaking the terms of his probation. the village of whitesboro winew image of their seal. they made headlines last year after a vote to keep the seal which shows the town's founder wrestling with an indian. some say it looks like the white founder is choking the native american. weather on the 9s first alert weather time. make sure you bring some gear that's waterproof today. >> a lot of puddles out there. also bring the shades. i know it's cloudy early but the sun is coming back and a jacket to keep you warm because
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it's going to feel like it's in the 30s most of date with the windchill. i do want to start with first alert doppler. we had shower activity overnight. we've just fallen to the 30s in spots. we've been in the 30s and 40s for most of the overnight. this is all in the liquid form. that's good. better than snow and ice. the showers are done north and west of d.c. it's south in prince george's county and i know it's showing you the mix here. it's not mixing. this is light spotty shower activity from areas in quantico to waldorf here moving toward dunkirk. we see a few showers still southwest of fredricksburg. i think it's going to pass mainly south of there and light scattered showers in the northern neck toward southern maryland toward easton and denton and queenstown on the eastern shore. capital wheel looking good on our michael & son weather camera at national harbor this morning. a good deal of sunshine. million dollar day highs low to mid-40s. we'll drop into the 30s this evening. and overnight everything will freeze up. it's melting now. gieghts to freeze up as -- it's going to freeze up as we're
6:20 am
looking at lows in the teens and 20s. temperatures in the 30s to a couple of spots in the lower 40s. the only freezing areas we have are in the higher elevations well west of us. so expect sunshine to be developing today. highs will be in the mid-40s. again colder late. the early showers are almost done. 24 tonight in town with teens in the suburbs. tomorrow 44. we'll call it seasonable. 3 on friday, colder, a little breezy with dplurries possible especial -- flurries possible, especially in the morning of the over the weekend we'll do more melting. highs low to mid-50s. perhaps a shower monday and looks okay for the groundhog on tuesday with highs in the upper 40s. larry miller, not so okay for the commuters. no, unfortunately. it looks like we have snow removal still going on now on the 2200 block of pennsylvania avenue. for folks that live out in this area, that work out in this area, you need to watch out for detours. they'll certainly be able to get you around. still keeping a close eye on three tractor-trailers involved in an accident, all jackknifed
6:21 am
on the outer loop of the bept qai between brad -- beltway between braddock road and the express lanes. still seeing delays at this point at little river turnpike. traffic is now getting by and some of the local lanes so just watch out as police will be directing you in that area. meantime we're still keeping a close eye on yet another jackknifed tractor-trailer. this is southbound on i-270 here at montrose road. we have this tractor-trailer that is still jab -- jackknifed situated over on the shoulder. traffic is starting to get by on the southbound side but you will see delays approaching the accident site making your way toward the spur. meantime just farther north at 109, still the southbound side, that jackknifed tractor-trailer not causing much in the way of delays. traffic starting to get by. to the maps. i want to let you know how things are shaping up in other parts of town this morning. we're doing well along branch avenue as well as pennsylvania avenue. also 301 not seeing much in the way of delays or any issues. again you still want to watch
6:22 am
out for snow. you still want to watch out for ice. also we have snow removal going on 210 as you approach the capital beltway. much more coming up shortly. for now we'll send it back to the desk. some call it a headache. some call it an opportunity. all this snow in new york has some tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit. >> could peyton manning be getting set to go out with a super bowl bang? those stories coming up as [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would
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we have crazy video out of england this morning. >> first and foremost we want to let you know this man is going to be okay but this is crazy. a warning, the video is graphic. take a look. watch. the man is crossing the street, hit by a car and then watch. violently flung into the air as the victim lies sprawls motionless in the middle of the road. passersby are standing around. he can't believe t. even though the victim is in serious condition, this is on january 14, believe it or not he's going to be fine. wow. >> we saw video like that yesterday up in ohio. a police officer, a captain struck by a tractor-trailer survived. >> amazing. topping our news at 6:30, we'll get a check on the morning commute as students are heading back to class and federal workers are coming back to work today. >> plus, their job is to help our wounded warriors so why are they spending millions on lavish parties?
6:26 am
we'll take a closer look at accusations against the charity for veterans. >> most areas seeing temperatures above freezing. you have to go to the mountains for the subfreezing temps. we've been tracking light showers this morning. they're getting lighter and it's south and east of d.c. looks like a decent wednesday and i've got a warming trend as we head toward the weekend. >> good news i-270 southbound at 109. looks like the jackknifed tractor-trailer isn't causing much in the way of delays anymore. the scene cleared there but we still have issues going on further south at monday -- at montrose road so you'll want to take it easy
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good morning. i'm andrea roane. you made it to hump day. i'm mike hydeck. get out your waterproof clothing. you'll need t. we'll start with a check of weather and traffic. we'll start with larry miller. he has breaking news on the roads. we have three separate jackknifed tractor-trailers around town. certainly slowing down commuters this morning. the good news is an earlier issue involving three jackknifed tractor-trailers on the outer loop of the beltway between braddock road and the express lanes has cleared. here's a live look from our trafficland cam now so you can see traffic starting to get by which is good news there. but it's further south along i- 270 southbound if we go to our camera there that you'll be
6:30 am
able to see it. lanes blocked and significant delays associated with yet another jackknifed tractor- trailer affecting the local lanes. so for folks that are going to be heading out in this direction, you might want to consider rockville pike as an alternate. do understand 355 sees its own fair share of problems, especially during the rush hour. and with snow and ice, it's -- certainly could see delays as well so you'll have to take that into account. good news is that further north at 109 on the southbound side of i-270, that situation regarding that jackknifed tractor-trailer has cleared. we'll have much more coming up for you shortly. for now let's get a check of the weather with howard bernstein. >> thanks a lot, larry. we're doing much better as we head toward the morning hours. we're losing the radar now. when i say losing the radar, the showers are pulling away to the south and the east with temperatures in the 30s to about 40, 41 in the warm spots. as far as doppler is concerned you see the showers south and east of us down here in areas
6:31 am
toward fredricksburg, southern maryland. not much left. it shows a mix north of waldorf. just spotty sprinkles. things are falling apart now. other than a couple of showers for the next hour or two, we'll be in much better shape. the stuff is leaving wet streets because temperatures have been above freezing all night except for the mountains. highs low to mid-40s midday. we'll get colder air this afternoon. it gets cold tonight. we'll be in the teens and 20s. all this melting will leave a lot of icy areas for thursday morning. the halls of the capitol will be busier today. term employees are headed back to work. and d.c. students are also headed back to the classroom soon. we'll have a live report coming up on that. but first, a charity founded to help those who were hurt in combat is coming under fire this morning. >> a cbs news investigation into the wounded warrior project looks into how the charity really spends its donation money. according to public records, the charity spends only 60% on
6:32 am
vets. these two former employees were so fearful of retaliation, they asked us not to show their faces. >> it was extremely extravagant. dinners and alcohol and just total -- [ inaudible ] >> for a charitable organization that's serving veterans, all these expenses on expensive resorts and alcohol, it seems -- >>it's what the military calls abuse. >> former employees say spending has skyrocketed since the new ceo in 2009. in 2014 spent $26 million on conferences and meetings. just four years earlier they spent only $1.7 million. the charity has denied there was excessive spending on conferences but of course we'll be following this story. they'll have more coming up on cbs this morning. 6:33 now. help is on the way for the roads in d.c. we've just learned connecticut is sending 30 crew members, jumbo snow
6:33 am
blowers and other equipment which is a good thing because today is back to school for d.c. kids. parents say it's too soon. >> crossing guards may be key to keeping your kids safe. nikki burdine is at plummer elementary in southeast to explain. >> reporter: students will have a lot of obstacles to actually get to school today. take a look at the school behind me. we are at plummer elementary. this is what i'm talking about. that sidewalk on texas avenue, it's open. it's clear. kids will not have a problem there but once they try to cross the street to get to the other side to actually where their school is, there's a big snow mound so they'll have to jump over that or have to go into the street for a minute to then jump over another mound to get into their school. that's going to be problematic for a lot of students if they decide to go through the snow. their feet will be cold. make sure to bundle your kids up. put on warm boots to protect them from the snow. if you decide to keep them home, the good news is you will not be penalized. d.c. public schools announced
6:34 am
yesterday that parents are urged to use discretion if they decide to keep their kids home or send them in late, they won't be penalized or this won't be marked against them. we spoke to some parents yesterday who still say this isn't a good idea. >> it's not convenient for the cars, the people, the seniors, the elderly, the children. >> reporter: i posed this question on twitter. so why even send kids back to school today if we're not -- if we are excusing absences. this is what i got? one person said some parents need to go to work and can't stay home. they don't get paid for snow days. not says thank you. not every child has dinner. both good points which is why a lot of d.c. schools yesterday offered free breakfasts. on the other end of the spectrum i heard from another parent. she says people who don't have kids will never understand. a teacher then tweeted me and she said even though students
6:35 am
had excused absences, teachers do not and they are still required to get here even though they have to go through this mess. that's the latest in southeast d.c., i'm nikki burdine, wusa9. >> thank you. it's also back to work for thousands of federal government employees opening three hours late today. traffic could really be picking up in some areas, including route 50 out in prince george's county. that's where mikea turner is checking on the conditions. so far so good, mikea. >> reporter: so far so good. mike, you nailed it. we have seen the traffic here pick up. take you a look behind me, you can see all of these vehicles waiting at the light here. this is the intersection of route 50 and new york avenue. now, i spoke with a lot of drivers this morning just coming in and out of this gas station that i've pulled over to the side to. they told me the road conditions have been looking pretty good coming into the district. we spoke with a couple of guys. this is what they had to say. >> it was pretty clear. the roads were wet but the snow was pretty well cleared off.
6:36 am
>> ready to go. if they say they're going to be late, they ain't telling you the truth. >> reporter: that's right. no room for excuses today. a lot of people say really the commute here isn't bad. now, one thing you'll have to contend with is what most people are used to and that's just the morning rush hour traffic. so you do want to take it easy. le on the roads where some spots may still be slick because of all the snow that continues to melt out here. so again just take it easy and just drive with caution. also be well. reporting live from prince george's county, mikea turner, wusa9. >> good advice. take it easy. all will be well and we'll be right here for you as the big dig continues. let us know what you're seeing out there and june load our free wusa9 app to get updates on delays and closings for school and travel and push alerts if you want them. nick? >> reporter: in the meantime we're following the road to the white house at the live desk.
6:37 am
happening today at white house, president obama is scheduled to meet with vermont senator bernie sanders. this has been on the books for days according to white house press secretary josh ernest. but the timing you could say is interesting. five days before the iowa caucuses and two days after democratic candidates made their final case to iowans at a town hall in des moines. some of the latest polls have sanders neck and neck with hillary clinton at this point. we understand there's no formal agenda for this private meeting today but we will be watching closely to see if anything does in fact come out of it. the white house does maintain president obama does not plan to endorse a candidate in the democratic primary but he will campaign for the eventual nominee. that's the latest from the live desk. still ahead we go inside super bowl 50s football factory. >> plus, forgot your atm card? no worries. we'll tell you about a new cash machine you can use with your phone. >> we've stayed above freezing overnight here in much of the metro. temperatures now upper 30s to about 40. look for some sunshine
6:38 am
developing this morning but dress like it's going to be in the 30s. colder air is on the way. we'll have your wednesday forecast on the way as well in just a moment or two >> sky 9 giving us an aerial of that jackknifed tractor-trailer on the southbound side of i- 270. it's on the left hand side of your screen. apparently there's also a wreck on the northbound side as well. we've got issues all over the place. folks are slipping and sliding and we have a report of yet another jackknifed tractor- trailer on the outer loop of the beltway on the virginia side. we'll get you updated on all those situations. that's coming up after the break. stay cl
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. welcome back. 6:41. we're looking at a decent wednesday around here. just got to get rid after few showers to our south and east that will happen the next one to two hours. here's a look at satellite and radar. still lots of clouds. we'll get rid of those in a few hours and have some sunshine building in this morning. but watch out for some wet streets. we've had a lot of melting as
6:42 am
temperatures are 40 now in washington. lots of 30s. the only subfreezing areas are in the mountains but just want you to know in ohio this morning, all the 20s. coldso tonight look for lows in the 20s if not the teens. clouds giving way to sunshine today. midday highs low to mid-40s. 30s by the end of the day and teens and 20's with everything icing up tonight. other problems this morning on the roads, not due to the ice but larry, what is going on. it's crazy this morning. >> unfortunately we just have jackknifed tractor-trailers all over the place. we had one issue on the beltway that's resolved but still snow and ice making it dangerous out there for commuters. 95, 66, 50 as well as the bw parkway also seeing its fair share of snow and ice. i want you to be careful out there. take it easy because we don't want you to get hurt. metro riders, everything is running on schedule for you right now. all trains are running, ethe silver line. metro bus continues to operate
6:43 am
on a moderate service plan. 270 at montrose road, the jackknifed tractor-trailer causing delays making your way toward the capital beltway. another weather and traffic update coming up on the 9s. for now over to you. >> thank you, larry. still to come before 7:00 a.m. this morning, how all of this snow is leading to some very interesting options on
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time to see what our partners at cbs this morning are covering. >> our favorite partner and friend gayle king is live in new york with a pe view. there you are -- preview. there you are, gayle. are you ready in place? ready to go? >> yes. i was feeling a little parched so i d to have a little sip of water. >> we understand that. >> hello, mike. good to see you. you know those days. >> yes, we do. >> good to see you both. we're covering the deadly shooting and an arrest of the armed protesters in oregon and all the major news of the day. well talk with republican strategist rick davis about how donald trump's decision to skip the next debate could affect the race. chip reed continues his investigation into the wounded warrior project. how former employees say the charity is falling short helping injured troops. chelsea handler shares a letter of advice in our continuing
6:47 am
series. it's called note to self. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 on the dot. mike and andrea, you should think about this. if you had to write a note to yourself 20 years earlier, what would you tell that girl? what would you tell that boy? something very interesting i bet. mull that over. talk amongst yourselves. see you at 7:00. >> sounds good. have a great show, gayle. love that music. the countdown to super bowl 50 turns this morning. we are now just 11 days away from football's biggest game. >> we're not talking about deflated footballs or anything like that. >> speaking of footballs, we get to look inside a factory that produces the footballs for super bowl 50. >> it's just outside san francisco. a team hard at work handicrafting 3,000 footballs every day. wilson uses a 28-step process that starts with the workers cutting out the panels. they say it's like using a giant cookie cutter. >> we don't have automation.
6:48 am
the ball is still sewn together by hand. turned right side out by hand. it's laced up by hand. it's really -- it's a craft job. >> wilson has made footballs for every super bowl and if you'd like to own one, they cost $150. >> they are pretty sharp. so peyton manning, is he hinting at retirement? the quarterback was caught by n.f.l. network cameras saying the super bowl might be, quote, his last rodeo. >> i thought when he brought his little boy out with him to the press conference after the conference game, he doesn't do that. >> that was sort of a sign. the big long hug from bill bell quick and from tom brady, -- belichick and from tom brady, it sort of seemed that way. >> the foot injury, a long career, wouldn't be surprised. >> at least he didn't have to shovel snow. >> good exercising. we got a chance to visit with the neighbors.
6:49 am
we don't get a chance in the colder months to see folks out and about so that was a good thing. we've had rain showers overnight with temperatures in the 40s, now into the 30s in spots and high humidity. we did eat up a good bit of snow overnight. the showers we had are now south and east of us and continue to pull away. i know the first alert doppler is trying to show snow mixing n. i don't think that's happening. i think everything here is light spotty showers along 301 south toward southern prince george's. this is moving to the east, calvert, st. mary's coming out the northern neck. even on the eastern shore we have spotty light showers. that's the ong concern this morning. lots -- only concern this morning. lots of clouds to start the day will give way to sunshine. temperatures by noon, 1:00, low to mid-40s. then we'll see the temperatures drop off during the afternoon to the low 40s and upper 30s. it's going to get cold tonight, a lot colder than this morning. the only places that are below freezing are in the mountains
6:50 am
in the 20s. everyone else is 40, 41. we still have wet streets. we have all the slush left over in spots and a wind at 13 making the 40 feel like 33. i would dress for the 30s today do to the windchill that's going to be around. clouds, all of this stuff is moving to the east slowly. we'll get rid of all of this here. high pressure is going to build in. it's over illinois now. that will mean light winds tonight. clear to partly cloudy skies. some areas will be in the teens by morning. futurecast. it's fairly quiet. showing the clearing moving in for the afternoon hours. clear to partly cloudy tonight and really thursday looks pretty quiet. by friday could be cold enough for a few flurries, especially in the morning with just agents bit of upper air energy -- just a little bit of upper air energy. a fewer showers are almost done. 24 tonight. that's in d.c. talking teens in the outer suburbs. 44 tomorrow. that's about average for this time of year. by friday colder, blustery. a few flurries in the morning. we'll hold in the 30s friday
6:51 am
but warm up to the lower to mid- 50s by sunday. turning 6:51. larry miller, when will it end? >> i hope soon, howard. i'm not exactly sure unfortunately. snow removal going on in the 2200 block of pennsylvania avenue. you're going to see snow removal all over the dmv at this point as crews work to remove snow and ice from the roads and open up many of those lanes that we aren't getting full use out of right now. again the right lane blocked on 210. this is indian head highway northbound between old sport road and palmer road. snow removal in progress there as well. we also have snow removal going on that's blocking the right lane of the ramp to the inner loop of the beltway from the 95 enter change. so with all this snow removal going on, you need to give yourself plenty of space and plenty of time to get to your destination. sky 9 giving us a look at how things are shaping up on i-270 southbound on montrose road for
6:52 am
a jackknifed tractor-trailer. that's the jackknifed tractor- trailer right there. traffic starting to flow a little more freely than what it was even 20 seconds ago, 20, 30 i should say. but again you'll want to add some additional time to your morning commute. i think ten minutes will do you just fine. 355 is an alternate but that might see additional traffic today primarily because folks might want to stay off of i-270 and hop on so you might see its own fair of traffic. maybe more traffic than what it would normally. i want to show you how things are shaping up on 50 for our friends in prince george's county. traveling inbound toward the capital beltway, again no major issues this morning but snow and ice not allowing for the full use of some of the lanes there this morning. so watch out for that. if you drive in the middle or center lane, you should be good to go. we'll have another update shortly. coming up on 6:53. let's get a check of your money this morning. say goodbye to your atm card. get this. chase bank says they're going to introduce some new cash machines that will only need an
6:53 am
app to make the transaction. customers expect to see the card free machines starting later this year. toyota sold 10.1 million vehicles in 2015. that means it retains its status as the world top selling automaker for the fourth straight year. volkswagen and general motors were in second and third place. volkswagen had overtaken toyota in sales the first half the year but then came the emission cheating scandal. ford motor company is pulling out of japan and indonesia. the company says the market conditions have made it difficult to grow sales or make sustained profits. last year ford sold only 6100 countries in end indonesia and 5 -- in indonesia and 5,000 in japan. at some point after this historic snowstorm, you run out of ways to say there's no school tomorrow. >> tommy mcfly is in the 94.7 fresh fm studios with one county that had some fun with today's closure. >> good morning. the story was rocking at when anne arundel
6:54 am
county schools had to say they were closed all the way through the week. how do you spice it up? how do you do it different? bob who is the public spokesperson for the district in the county really took on the adele theme when he made a robo call. check it out. ♪ hello, it's me ♪ ♪ it's the voice you love to hear from and the face you do not see ♪ know note and i've got news for you ♪ ♪ we will close schools for another day, parents will cry boo hoo ♪ >> so awesome. so good. at least he didn't do the frozen song. let it go, let it go. >> thank goodness. >> you want to build a snowman? anybody? >> that's g. he should tweet that to adele and get her
6:55 am
response to that. >> thanks, tommy. 6:55. a look at our top stories this morning. we start with mikea turner. >> reporter: that's right. i'm mikea turner reporting live this morning along route 50 which feeds all of the traffic from prince george's county into the district. federal government offices open today so traffic is picking up. i spoke with drivers all morning who say conditions are looking good when it comes to the weather. a lot of the snow has been removed from the pavement so the morning commute according to many of these drivers is good to go. back to you. >> reporter: students in d.c. will head back to school later this morning but it won't be easy getting here. take a look at the sidewalk. this is what a lot of kids are going to have to deal with. snow covered sidewalks and bus stops and even some kids are going to have to jump over big mounds of snow to actually get to their school like here at plummer elementary. the good news is that d.c. public schools says parents should use discretion while sending their kids to school today. if they decide to keep them home or send them in late, they
6:56 am
will not be penalized. back to you in the studio. a couple of showers still going on across southern maryland, down toward fredricksburg, the eastern shore. but they're spotty and falling apart so we'll see sun building later this morning. 44. but that's a midday high. it will get colder than that in the afternoon so dress like it's in the 30s. tonight teens and 20s so things are going to freeze up. we have a lot of slick spots expected overnight. tomorrow back in the 40s. friday some flurries and chilly and then milder this weekend. back above 50. a lot more melting is going to happen. you're going to see snowplows on the secondary roads and even the neighborhood roads. so make sure you just watch out for that this morning. snow removal still going on blocking the right lane of maryland 210 northbound between old fort road and palmer road. sky 9 is over the scene of an accident at i-270 here at tuckerman lane. that's on the northbound side. just a few exits south of where we had that jackknifed tractor- trailer. >> busy morning, larry. before we go, one last
6:57 am
story. you ever use air bnb? >> i have not used it. in new york someone listed an igloo on the popular website. look at the boutique winter igloo built by a guy in brooklyn during the blizzard. $286 a night. it's been dropped. >> occupancy standards or something. cbs this morning is next. >> and they have continuing -- an exclusive interview about the wounded warriors. thank you for waking up with at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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